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We are a cause-driven company who happen to be industry experts in 3D computer graphics, web3, and e-commerce.  

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Our purpose is

We're helping today's shoe brands compete against global giants in the next big thing, the metaverse.

Humble Beginnings

After her daughter left for college, OhZone’s CEO & Founder Oh was missing the emotional connection of clothes shopping together; now reduced to sharing links of two-dimensional images.

The Big Idea

With over 20 years experience in computer graphic architecture, Oh knew that immersive shopping experiences would bring back some of that emotional connection and the big idea was born and OhZone launched in 2015.

Making it 3DReal™

Along with Co-Founder Kevin, Team OhZone developed the patented 3DReal™ platform to deliver physical to virtual transformations enabling cost-effective 3D & 360/AR in just hours, not weeks or months.

Enter the Metaverse

As the platform evolved, so did the quality — the highest standard in photorealistic immersive experiences. As the metaverse progressed, the team incorporated Web3 components and produced wearable NFTs. Game on..

Can you imagine...

Our vision is an OhZone Teleport store and scan pods in neighborhoods and businesses globally for transforming and marketing physical things in virtual worlds.

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