Virtual Sample

4 way face masks

Virtual Sampling Process

The fashion industry may have shifted online, but sample making has been left far behind. Turn to instant 3DREAL™ virtual sampling to leave notoriously-expensive, slow, and waste-filled traditions behind. By using 3d digital technology we’ll digitally produce and perfect your prototypes for a fast and eco-conscious sampling process culminating in fully-editable assets.

Reduce Costs

Virtual sampling helps you create as many 3D fashion samples as you want with the use of virtual sample software at a fraction of the cost of CAD sample making. Open the door to unbridled experimentation without the financial strain. Use Live Sync to easily upload new fabric swatches and colors- and we’ll take care of the storage with everything fully-hosted on our servers.

Innovate Faster

Receive your 3DREAL™ samples in record time – instantly and in real-time via Live Sync, your on demand 3D fashion solution.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Lastly, eliminate the waste associated with developing one sample after another and receiving samples shipped from halfway around the globe. Assuming you produced 10 styles with four colorways four times a year, the 160 SKUs could require 960 samples. Producing the samples with instant 3DREAL™ rather than traditional methods would save approximately 1,280 grams .

Sustainable Sample Making

Sustainable Sample Making