Gary Waterfield’s SFbags took a leap of faith and went live with the 3DREAL™ imagery of its Executive Leather Laptop Briefcase for its online store.Customers can look inside, zoom, rotate, and experience the SFbags briefcase online like never before.“Front side back side upside down side upside down and right side up.” as G. Waterfield exclaimed unofficially.

After seeing the 3D digital rendition of his bag by the SF Silicon Valley based B2B fashion technology company, The OHZONE, Gary let his team go for it. Waterfield is indeed a catalyst for reform when it comes to catering to the needs of their customers. The consumers are interested in the technology and feel that it makes the online shopping experience more alive and engaging.

Waterfield stands out of the crowd because of their astounding product quality and now takes the lead by incorporating 3DREAL™ Interactive Virtual Showroom experience and changes the game for their competitors. Once again Waterfield’s SFbags proves that the company policy — “LOCALLY MADE. GLOBALLY ADMIRED” — still holds true.

“This sudden launch decision shocks us, but we are happy to celebrate Labor Day with the launch of our labor of love!”, OhTepmongkol of the OHZONE comments. Experience the 3DREAL™ difference at
click the link
scroll down to “TAKE A LOOK INSIDE”
zoom into the 3D model— NOT A VIDEO (Zoom / Rotate / Interact with mouse or finger movement)
Executive Leather Laptop Briefcase

“Look! It’s moving. It’s alive” – H. Frankenstien